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We are Laulima. Hawaiian for “Many Hands Working Together”. Laulima Travel was established as a way of bringing these hands together: by connecting solo backpackers who want to travel the world, with hostels looking for a helping hand.

We are a new kind of travel company that helps you exchange your skills for free accommodation in hostels. We will help you save money, develop new skills and best of all, become part of a community.

We offer challenging volunteering opportunities to solo backpackers who would like a unique work abroad experience. They'll get an inside perspective of local culture and get a taste of the work travel lifestyle.

Tell us about your work experience, interests, and where you'd like to travel. From our network of hostels, select the right exchange for you. Set off to work, learn, explore, and immerse yourself in the exchange and when you’re ready for your next adventure – we’ll help you find the next one.

We're building a company and community we believe in! We're a strong, diverse team of travel-lovers who are passionate about changing the way people travel.

We love to travel, we’ve been lucky enough to do it for a long time - our committed team is on hand to help you do the same. Fortunately, we’ve picked up tons of tips, tricks, and connections that will make your experience that much easier.

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Decide where you want to travel. Create a profile and find an exchange in seconds. Your hostel will be ready to welcome you. Want to know more? View more

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For travellers looking to exchange their skills for accommodation in incredible hostels around the world.


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For hostels looking to connect with talented travellers and work alongside them to help improve business needs.

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